Dream Craft Room

Is it sad that I dream about having a craft room? Anthony and I were talking about what we would do if we won the lottery, and I kept thinking about the killer craft room I would set up.

This one is INSANE – from Better Homes and Gardens.

Another great idea from Better Homes and Gardens – colorful peg board.

Pretty colors from Country Living via Home Stories A2Z.

We already have this bookcase! Halfway there from Anna Sigga.

Why does Better Homes and Gardens have all the best ideas. This one is totally do-able, but I might have too many craft supplies.

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3 thoughts on “Dream Craft Room

  1. I got those green boxes from Ikea they show here! In an effort to categorize my crafts. But they are still such a mess, even with the cute boxes. I’m dying to have space to put up one of those ribbon holders! So cute!

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