State Love

Anthony lived in Connecticut since he was 5, so our move to Pennsylvania is a big change. He’s already in Scranton and loving it, and I wanted to make him a little present for his new office.

I used my Silhouette to cut out our two states and the &, then used little heart stickers on our home towns. I mounted the pieces with little foam stickers to a printed background pattern, and the framed it in a shadow box.

I love it and will probably make another version for our house, since this one is going in his office. I made another one for my friend who just married a boy from Maryland.

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2 thoughts on “State Love

  1. What a sweet idea! I need to make one with NY and PA for my husband and I :) So happy to find your blog. I wish you and your husband the best as you move and settle into your new place!

  2. Hi Ginny and to Anthony who received the gift of “States”. What a neat idea and cleverly executed. Congratulations. I am happy about your move. Grandma Doris R

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