Printable To-Do List

I have a lot to do before Christmas, and sometimes its hard to keep track of it all. I made myself an editable PDF to-do list to help schedule my week and make sure I don’t miss any deadlines.

The PDF works great because you can fill it out in Adobe Reader, or print it out and write things in by hand. I try to break up my tasks into individual steps, just because I feel better when I can check more things off.

Some days (like today) are very busy, and other days I can work on projects on the “Eventually” section.

You can download the PDF here:GetItDone

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4 thoughts on “Printable To-Do List

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  2. This is a WONDERFUL list! Like most chronically disorganized people trying to get organized, I love an attractive list. To this point, I’d never found anything editable that had what I needed. Your page is perfect! Thanks so much!

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