California Day 1 – Winchester Mystery House

We landed in San Jose yesterday afternoon, and before we drove south to Pacific Grove, I was so excited to be able to go to the Winchester Mystery House.

The house was under continuous construction between 1884 and 1922, and has 160 rooms. Is was built by the widow of the President of the Winchester Rifle Company, who became fascinated with the spirit world after the deaths of her husband and baby daughter. She went to a psychic who told her that she needed to build a house and never finish it in order to appease the spirits of the people killed by her husband’s company’s guns.We took a tour of the inside of the house (unfortunately pictures were not allowed), which brought us through very confusing rooms with doors that opened into walls or directly outside on the upper stories, and windows in the floors. Because Mrs. Winchester used nightly seances as a guide for her building plan, the layout is chaotic and the house is not quite livable.It did have some really lovely areas like this hallway full of windows, and amazing carved wood walls and ceilings. Hundreds of craftsmen worked for decades on the property, and Mrs. Winchester seemed to prefer techniques that were as complicated and time-consuming as possible, as her goal was to never complete the house.

One of my favorite things was this awesome gingerbread house in the gift shop. It was built in 1990, so it’s showing a little age, but it must have been really fun to build.

If you’re ever in San Jose, you should absolutely visit this house. It is so amazing and you have to see it to really grasp just how massive and complicated it is.

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