California Day Two – Pacific Grove

Ugh – I am the worst! I went away without editing my photos from California and scheduling posts. Now I have 600 more pictures from Ireland to go through, so I am going to show you more pictures from California instead.

We woke up in Pacific Grove on day two in this beautiful house that my mother-in-law rented for the family.
The weather was overcast, rainy and a little chilly, which was perfect for Anthony and me since we’re not big on basking in the sun. We met up with most of the rest of the family to walk around town, do some shopping, and stop into the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History.The museum had an exhibit on butterflies, and Anthony took this awesome picture.There was also this awesome huge nest-like sculpture in the garden and our cousin Margot Rose climbed in for a picture.This was only my second visit to California, and this time I was really struck by how different all the vegetation is from the Northeast. We thought this one with the spider web was especially beautiful.

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