Ireland – Dublin Day 1

We spent 2 full days in Dublin before the end of our trip, and there was lots to see. Once we got settled and took a quick trip around the city on a double decker bus to get our bearings, we set out for some lunch and shopping.

We stopped in to the amazing Cloth Shop, which was filled with the most beautiful collection of fabrics I have ever seen.The owners of the shop did a great job of editing their collection, and every single piece in the shop was breathtaking. We even picked up some supplies for a very special future project.

One of the things I liked best about Dublin was how all of the historical buildings were preserved and incorporated into the busy, industrial city. There were cool little shops and restaurants everywhere you looked.The weather continued to hold out for us, and both days in Dublin were warm and sunny.I spent a lot of time taking pictures of all the colorful doors.We did some research on a really good dinner spot, and we ended up at The Winding Stair Restaurant. The menu was full of delicious local food, and we had the best mussels in the history of the universe. If you every find yourself hungry in Dublin, that is the place to go.

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