Ireland – Dublin Day 2

As we got to our last day in Ireland, we tried to squeeze as much as we could into the end of our trip. That meant getting up early to visit Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.The church was like a museum, and every square inch was filled with the history of Dublin. They also sold shot glasses in the gift shop, which we all thought was hilarious. The sky was very clear and bright blue, and I took a picture of a street light covered in church entry stickers. Our next stop was one of my favorites from the whole trip – Kilmainham Gaol.We had a fantastic tour guide who told us everything about the Gaol and the fight for Irish independence. Many of the prisoners of the Gaol were Irish revolutionaries, and it was also housed petty criminals during the famine, many of whom stole food in order to survive. One cell had a drawing done by a former prisoner.The prison was closed and deteriorating for many years, and Michele noticed that someone with my name was there to leave graffiti!Our last stop in Dublin was Trinity College, and unfortunately they didn’t allow pictures in the Library. The campus was packed with tourists – it must be an amazing place to go to school. The next day we were up and on our way back to the US. I couldn’t have had better travel companions and I can’t wait to get back to Ireland!

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