Perfect Wedding Programs

Out of all the different pieces I make for weddings, I probably make programs the most often. It’s such a fun part of the day, because there are so many details that go into it and every wedding is different and special. There are a few things that you need to consider when deciding on a program.

First, make sure it fits with the theme of your wedding. You don’t have to make it a literal match of your invitation, but if your wedding is formal and sophisticated, your program should be too.If your wedding is more casual and fun, you can choose a format, colors, and paper to match.Next, think about your guests. If your ceremony is directly before your reception, consider a small folded program so they can slip it into a suit jacket or clutch.Share details! If you have a big wedding party, consider adding some info about each member. Add a relationship after each name, such as “Friend of the Bride”, or “Cousin of the Groom”.Make it interesting. Add something special about you and your partner. I made programs for an older couple earlier this year, and they included their high school pictures. Everyone loved it!Say thank you. Your guests will travel near and far to make it, and your family and friends will have put up with months of planning and stress leading up to your big day. Although you should absolutely thank your parents and wedding party with nice personal notes and gifts, the program is a great opportunity to tell people how happy you are to have them there. This part always makes me cry.You might choose to mention your loved ones who have passed away in your ceremony, and it’s nice to mention them in your program as well.Finally, I like to remind people that there are really no rules to a wedding. In the end the only requirement is that you end up married. If you want to print your programs on napkins and hand them out with donuts, that’s perfectly acceptable. If you want to skip programs to save money, that’s cool too. The most important part of the day is that all of the people you love are together in one place to help you start a new life as a couple. The more comfortable you are with your choices, the more fun you’ll have.

Email me to order any of the programs pictured above, or to request a quote for custom programs!

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