Delicate Necklaces from Etsy

I know that big statement necklaces are super-popular right now, but sometimes you need something simple that you can wear every day. I have been craving a pretty little necklace, so I spent some time hunting down the perfect one on etsy. Here are some of my favorites:1. Orchid Flower Necklace from HotMixCold Р$20
2. Clover Necklace from AApril – $34
3. Hummingbird Necklace from Lanato – $17
4. Aqua Monogram Necklace from Dangling Jewelry – $31.005. Eternity Circles Necklace from Simply Sweet Studio – $20
6. Red Garnet Necklace from Casual Designs by JBS – $59.99
7. Sky Blue Orpheum Necklace from One Garnet Girl – $218
8. Gold Framed Pendant Necklace from Miss Kukle – $25.56

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