Party Planning

We’re planning an engagement party for my cousins and their new fiancées, and I have been gathering ideas for decorations, food and drinks. I picked some modern fall colors, and I definitely needed to add some glitter.Since the party is scheduled for the week of Thanksgiving, we wanted to serve small bites of tasty food instead of a big heavy dinner. We’re planning on making some really fun savory appetizers that I’ll share with you next week. My priority, as usual, is the dessert table. I’ll be making some tasty sweets on sticks like these Cookie Pops and Cheesecake Bites. I’d love to make the sticks a little more interesting with some glittery pom poms like these drink stirrers from Martha Stewart. I’d also love to make a gorgeous cake like this ombré one from Somewhere Splendid.For decorations, we’re planning on taking advantage of the season and using Gold Pumpkins and Apple Candle Holders. I’d also love to dip some small vases with gold paint  and fill them with pretty fall flowers. Martha Stewart also has the great idea of matching candle sticks with candles, and I’d think these ones would be amazing behind the dessert buffet. Finally, I really want to try out a streamer canopy in the tent. I’m so excited!

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