We Threw A Party!

The weekend after Thanksgiving was the big engagement party that we threw for our cousins and their new fiancées. It was a big success! My sister made most of the food, and I made a ton of desserts. The decorations were pretty simple – we hung some lanterns in a tent outside, and I bought these big gold balloons that looked great with the high ceilings of my sister’s living room.I set up a dessert buffet with a few different types of desserts.I made blue and gold sugar cookies to match the colors on the invitations.Salted Caramel Shortbread (my new favorite dessert).Magnolia Bakery Banana Pudding (so amazing you should make it right now) in little cups with mini silver spoons.I also made caramel apples, rice crispie treats, brownies, and mini pumpkin cheesecakes, plus I had bowls of Reeses Cups and Ring Pops.

We had such a great time welcoming two wonderful girls to our family!

Engagement Party Invites

The last of these invitations are in the mail, so I can finally share them with you!I’m starting to feel like an envelope isn’t complete without a matching liner. Some people think it’s a waste of time, but I think it’s awesome.My other favorite part is the printed envelopes that match the type on the inside of the invite. If your calligraphy skills are lacking (like mine are), printing the envelopes is an easy way to make them look really nice and coordinated.The invitation itself is printed on extra-thick cotton stock, and we’ll use the polka dot colors to decorate the party.

These invites are now available in my etsy shop, just in case you have a party coming up too!

Party Planning

We’re planning an engagement party for my cousins and their new fiancées, and I have been gathering ideas for decorations, food and drinks. I picked some modern fall colors, and I definitely needed to add some glitter.Since the party is scheduled for the week of Thanksgiving, we wanted to serve small bites of tasty food instead of a big heavy dinner. We’re planning on making some really fun savory appetizers that I’ll share with you next week. My priority, as usual, is the dessert table. I’ll be making some tasty sweets on sticks like these Cookie Pops and Cheesecake Bites. I’d love to make the sticks a little more interesting with some glittery pom poms like these drink stirrers from Martha Stewart. I’d also love to make a gorgeous cake like this ombré one from Somewhere Splendid.For decorations, we’re planning on taking advantage of the season and using Gold Pumpkins and Apple Candle Holders. I’d also love to dip some small vases with gold paint  and fill them with pretty fall flowers. Martha Stewart also has the great idea of matching candle sticks with candles, and I’d think these ones would be amazing behind the dessert buffet. Finally, I really want to try out a streamer canopy in the tent. I’m so excited!

Polka Dot Place Cards

I just finished these cute place cards for a wedding reception this weekend.I’m always excited when a bride decides on something bright, cheery and a little different like this, plus I love the way all the polka dots look together.The place cards are also available in my etsy shop, if you’re planning a party of your own!

Also – I just created a Facebook page here – I have been adding a ton of photos of my recent work – please stop by and like it!

Wedding Guest Welcome Bags

One of my favorite wedding-related projects are the guest welcome bags. There is nothing better than a little treat after a long car trip, and it’s a great way to thank guests that made the extra effort to travel to your big day.

There are tons of options for the outside containers for these treat bags, and this time I used some sturdy pink plastic totes with scalloped edges and snaps. The wedding has a pink and green color scheme, so I accented the outside of the bag with some bright green ribbon and a monogram tag.For inside the bag, the bride selected a few different treats that she thought her guests would appreciate, and I packaged them in pretty boxes, bags and tins to match the theme.It’s super easy and more affordable to buy in bulk and package on your own instead of buying the more expensive (and not as nice looking) snack size packs.Hopefully the guests will love it!

Graduation Candy & Cupcake Buffet

This past weekend I was hired to create a cupcake and candy bar at a graduation party for a young man with a serious sweet tooth. His mom wanted to have something special for all the graduates at the party, and there is nothing that kids like more than candy. We went with the classics – Gummy Worms, Sour Patch Kids, Reese’s Cups, Hershey Kisses, M&Ms and colorful gumballs.The focus of the table was a big cupcake tower that I made from graduated sizes of foam blocks covered in coordinating wrapping paper. It was great for displaying the 6 dozen red velvet cupcakes that I made for the occasion.I also made 60 frosted sugar cookies that I wrapped in clear cellophane bags so they would be easy to take home. There were piles of white paper bags on either end of the table so the guests could bring their treats home. It was a big hit!


Two Sweet & Simple Party Favors

I have been working on some new ideas for party favors – I love coming home from an event with something sweet. I know how popular candy buffets are now, but if you have a party coming up and you don’t want to commit to buying 50 pounds of candy and big glass containers, here are some cute ideas with sources for something your guests will definitely enjoy!

Striped Jelly Bean Tubes

I chose a 1.75″ x 4″ round plastic tube container for this one, but you can find many other sizes here if you want something larger or smaller. I layered Strawberry Daiquiri and Coconut jelly beans to make the stripes, counting even numbers of each color to make the stripes consistent. For this size container, there are about 28 jelly beans in each layer. You can purchase jelly beans by color here, and there are enough colors to match any party theme. I sealed the tube with a strip of washi tape, which I bought from In the Clear, one of my favorite etsy shops. Finally, I created a logo and printed out a sheet of 1.5″ round labels to decorate the tubes. I love OnlineLabels.com for favor labels, since they have a giant selection of sizes and paper types. 

Square Gumball Boxes

For this favor, I used my absolute favorite kind of box – a 2″ x 2″ x 2″ square clear plastic tuck-top from Paper Mart. 8 big round gumballs fit perfectly in this size, and you can buy gumballs in a variety of colors and flavors here. I used black & white twill ribbon from Paper Source, but you could add any color or kind of ribbon you like. I sealed the top with a monogram label that I created using 1.5″ round labels from OnlineLabels.com.

New Invitations in the Shop!

I have been working on several new invitation designs in the past few weeks for lots of different parties and weddings. One of my favorites is this pink champagne invite that I originally created for a wedding shower, and also used for a birthday party.

The invitations are now available in my etsy shop, in either shimmer or glossy paper.

Weekend Recap

This weekend I was lucky to be a part of an event at the Scranton Cultural Center called Dinner by Design. The event is a showcase for local designers, event planners and florists and I was absolutely amazed at the talent involved.

The Scranton Cultural Center is a fantastic venue because of the beautiful building – completed in 1930 as a Masonic Temple and has 4 floors with several different rooms including a grand ballroom, a large theater, a smaller theater, and a beautiful library.

Here are some of my favorite displays:

Central Park Flowers created this awesome setting, which was made up of three round tables surrounding a large tree arrangement. The tables were covered in moss and flowers, and the effect was really magical.They used hanging glass vases with some of the most beautiful tulips that I have ever seen. I loved the spiky edges on the petals.

Duffy Event Design set up this beautiful tent on the stage of the smaller theater, but inside it felt like a tent in the middle of a forest.I loved the details on the table as well, which was a layer of flowers and moss under the glass.

There was an amazing display by Fleur De Lys inspired by Provence, which had an eclectic assortment of interesting things.I really loved the way the table setting (glasses especially) picked up the color in the stained glass windows.

The team from Posh and The Colonnade brought their incredible attention to detail to the Casey Library, my favorite room in the building.I loved how the bright orange and blue popped against the dark paneling in the room, and I was crazy about the little details like the orange shades on the chandeliers and matching blue glass water bottles and orange glasses. They even styled the bookshelves with lined orange book covers and bright blue books. Crazy good.

My booth was on the stage in the ballroom, and I had cupcakes, cookies, and stationery samples as part of the marketplace of local food and design vendors. Here’s the view from behind my table.My dessert display was bright pink, black and white with gold accents, and I spent the whole weekend trying not to eat the cookies before people could buy them.

It was a fantastic event and we loved meeting the other local vendors. On Saturday night, we made dinner with food we purchased at the event:
- Fresh pasta from Constantino’s
- Delicious bread from Beta Bread Bakery
- Vodka pasta sauce from Brady’s
- Cheese from igourmet.com

We also picked up some wing sauce from Peggy’s Wing Sauce (Anthony asked for some vegetarian suggestions for the sauce), and some salad dressing from Joe Caputo that we can’t wait to try.

It was such an encouraging event to be a part of as a beginner at this small business thing. All of the other vendors were super enthusiastic and encouraging, and many of them had some great advice. I’m really lucky to be a part of a community that supports local entrepreneurs, and I can’t wait to participate in Dinner by Design again next year!

New Invitations

I just finished some new invitations for a baptism, and I am really excited about how they turned out.They are printed on a cream-colored, textured card stock, and I continued a contrasting design on the back.I added them to my shop with some alternate color schemes.

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