Dessert Buffet Success

We hosted a Thanksgiving dessert buffet this year, and it was a big success. I made a few things:

Mini Lemon Meringue and Mincemeat Pies

I decorated Sugar Cookies to look like pies and my cousin Suzanne made tiny chocolate parfaits served in shot glasses.

I also made Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cupcakes and my aunt Vicky made salted caramel squares.

I found the cupcake recipe on Your Cup of Cake via Pinterest and they were DELICIOUS. Here is a link in case you want to try them. They were super yummy!

Busy Weekend!

This weekend was crazy. I started off by making 250 basketball cookies for a party.I may have kept one or two for myself, and they were very tasty.

Once the cookies were packed and delivered, Anthony and I went to a really fun wedding. There was an old Hollywood movie theme, and I worked with the bride on the escort cards. She asked for movie tickets, and I think they came out really great.They looked really cute standing up in popcorn!

Then on Sunday, I picked up some awesome new fabric that I can’t wait to start working with.

Weekend Goodies

I’m getting packed and heading to the Jersey Shore for the weekend with my aunts and cousins to celebrate my mom’s birthday. I’m so excited to spend the entire weekend with some of my favorite people in the world. I made some treat boxes for everyone to welcome them to the house yesterday, and I can’t wait to share them.

I found the red boxes at Michael’s – they are actually cupcake boxes that come with inserts, I just didn’t put the cupcake inserts in. I printed the tags with the same design that I used on the inserts, and tied them up with black satin ribbon.

I have a stockpile of clear bags and boxes for projects like this, so I filled boxes with Hershey’s Kisses and Swedish Fish, and bags with homemade Oatmeal Crasin Cookies and Twizzlers (my mom’s favorite).

New Party Invites

My mom is having a big birthday soon, and we’re planning a girls’ weekend at the Jersey Shore with my aunts and cousins. I am sending out these invitations today with some info about the weekend (when to come, what to wear, what to bring).

The red heart-shaped cover was cut on my Silhouette, and I added the belly band to keep everything together.
There is a little bit of text on the inside, under the heart shape when the card is opened up.
The back of the card has all of the info about the weekend.

There are a few other details that I’m working on for the party – it is going to be lots of fun!

Dessert Success

I made a few different kinds of dessert for my sister’s party this weekend.

Everything was a success, the only problem was that I probably could have made a lot more.

The most popular thing was the traditional sugar cookies with royal icing.

I also tried out using M&Ms as decoration on a simple vanilla layer cake. M&M cakes have been very popular on Pinterest lately, and it was a really simple way to make a plain cake special.

The last thing I made was tiny strawberry shortcake cupcakes – shortbread cupcakes filled with strawberry sauce and topped with marshmallow frosting.

Despite a very rainy day, the party was a big success and I think everyone had a great time. My flower pots came out great too!

My next party is a bridal shower that my mom is throwing for her coworker this weekend. I just got and adorable wedding cake pan that I can’t wait to use.

Pretty Paint Cans

My sister is having a party for my nephew on Saturday, and she was looking for cute, cheap centerpieces. Since I have lots of free time on my hands these days, I decided to make some. I bought some small paint cans from Home Depot and some polka-dot wrapping paper.

I had a serious Mod Podge addiction when I was in college, and I decorated everything in my dorm room with pictures from magazines. It is seriously the best stuff ever.

I started by cutting out a piece of wrapping paper in to fit the can.
Then I painted the can with the Mod Podge, and carefully placed the paper over it. (Be careful while you are doing this, because the paper will get wet and wrinkle if you move it around too much).

Once the paper is in place, I painted over it with more Mod Podge.

Once the cans dried, they looked nice and shiny.
One of the things I like about Mod Podge is the brushed look of the finished product.

You can reduce the texture by adding more coats, or by using a foam brush, but I like the way it looks.

We’re going to put small potted plants in these over the weekend, so I’ll take more pictures then.

We had a Party!

We had a really fun party on Saturday. There were a few crises, like the grill catching fire when we turned it on to make burgers (the propane line had a tear and started melting), but overall it was a success. There were a few things we did right, and a few that we did wrong, but I think everyone had a really good time and I’m ready to do it again soon.

Here is what we learned:
1. Lighting makes things special. I bought lanterns online and we hung them around the deck with Christmas lights and they made me so happy.

2. You don’t need as much food as you think you do. I made WAY too much food. 3 kinds of salad, Italian beef sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers, 2 kinds of cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies with oreos inside them, and smores. This was definitely overkill and we have tons of leftovers. The pasta salad was yummy though.

3. Choices make regular burgers awesome. We bought a bunch of different burger toppings and put them out on the table. It was really fun and I think people liked it a lot. Plus it made our plain old burgers fancy.

4. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures. I was having so much fun that I forgot about the camera. I ate smores with Rolos in the middle and laughed a lot. I wish I had more pictures to show you now, but I was happy to have such a great time with wonderful friends.

More New Invitations

My sister is having a party for my new nephew in August and she needed some invitations. I continued indulging my obsession with stripes with this design.

The most satisfying thing about finishing a stack of invitations is tying them up in pretty ribbon and sending them off.

My next step is finding some good desserts to make for the party. I am thinking of a vanilla cake with blue and white layers to match the invitations.

New Invitations

I was very busy this weekend making 2 different sets of invitations. The first one is for a shower that my mom is having for one of her co-workers. I got to try out the print and cut feature on my Silhouette and I was so happy with the result.

It was a ton of work, but I figured it out and can’t wait to find more projects to print and cut.

Here are some of the things that I learned:

1. The weld feature is super helpful in creating complex shapes. I created small individual boxes, then added the long skinny box connecting them. I selected them all and selected Object > Modify > Weld, then they became one shape.

2. PNG files work best for printing. Once you have your cut lines set, create the print section in Illustrator (or whatever you like to use) and export as a PNG. I tried PDFs, but the printing was blurry for some reason.

3. Registration marks are your friend. When I was imagining this project in my head, I could not figure out how I was going to line up the printing with the cutting. Luckily, the Silhouette is a genius and has an eye that sees the registration marks and knows exactly where to cut. Open the Registration Marks window before printing from Silhouette Studio, and click on the Show Registration Marks box before printing.

Your printed pages will have the registration marks, then before you send them to the Silhouette to cut, choose Detect Registration Marks.

4. Make sure you cut hard enough. The first few pages that I sent to cut were trouble. I didn’t set the right cut pressure, so I ended up having to punch out a lot of the little pieces. Once I got the pressure right, It was super easy. I just ended up with a pile of confetti when I was done.

Once I had all of the pieces cut, I left them under a big stack of books overnight, since they curled up a bit when I peeled them off of the carrier sheet. The next day I glued them to a solid piece of cardstock cut to fit, and they were all set!

If you are interested in in making them on your own, here is the file I created – Box Invitation Pattern. Let me know if you end up trying it! It is set up for 6.5″ square envelopes, but it can be scaled to any size.

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