Yay for April!

We’re definitely experiencing some April showers here in Scranton, and I’m making some really great progress on organizing inside while it’s not so nice outside. April is going to be lots of fun here, with some good Easter desserts, plans for a small vegetable garden on our back porch, more new stuff in my etsy shop, and some good ideas for party favors.

I’m also super excited because spring means that some of my most favorite vegetables are back in season. We’ll be eating tons of asparagus and peas this month, and I’m going to stock up on strawberries for my favorite dessert – strawberry shortcake cupcakes.


Printable To-Do List

I have a lot to do before Christmas, and sometimes its hard to keep track of it all. I made myself an editable PDF to-do list to help schedule my week and make sure I don’t miss any deadlines.

The PDF works great because you can fill it out in Adobe Reader, or print it out and write things in by hand. I try to break up my tasks into individual steps, just because I feel better when I can check more things off.

Some days (like today) are very busy, and other days I can work on projects on the “Eventually” section.

You can download the PDF here:GetItDone


It’s hard to believe that it is only November considering that we have already had our first big snow storm, but I think we have a few more weeks left until all the leaves are off the trees.

I have been sewing up a storm over the past few days, getting ready for a craft show that I have a booth at in 2 weeks. There’s still a ton of work to do! On top of all the crafting, I am also baking, decorating and wrapping 250 basketball-shaped cookies for a party this weekend, making some yummy desserts for a party next weekend, and working on some more projects around the house.

I’m also planning on trying out some new dessert recipes to find the perfect Thanksgiving dessert, and we’re thinking of having a housewarming party at the end of the month. I’m sure December will be here in the blink of an eye.

October is Here!

It’s starting to feel like fall and I am looking forward to lots of fun things in October.

- Making some Candy Corn Garland
- Adding some homemade art to my craft room. Maybe something like this?
- Working on some new wedding invitations and stationery designs.
- Making welcome boxes for my friend Kelly’s wedding.
- Adding lots of new stuff for my Etsy shop.
- Collecting pretty leaves for crafts with the kids.


Fall is almost here! We are finally going to unpack all of our stuff and have a home again. I’m ready to be settled in, making soup and wearing sweaters. It has been a long and exciting summer, but I am starting to miss our comfy pink couch.

September is going to be filled with great things:
- A girls’ weekend at the beach for my mom’s birthday.
- Working on some awesome projects in our new apartment.
- Finally getting back into the kitchen after a few months away.
- Working on more good stuff for my shop.
- Maybe having a housewarming party once we get settled?

What are you planning this month?


We’re ready to move into the apartment, but the movers didn’t have a date until 9/6, so I have a lot of time to get everything ready and make sure I know where everything should go.

I used Floorplanner to create a floor plan and see how the furniture we have will fit into the space. Some of the rooms are a lot bigger than our old house, and some of the rooms are smaller. Here is the layout:

Once I had the measurements for the space, it was easy to draw the rooms. Floorplanner has standard-size furniture icons that I dropped into the layout and positioned where I wanted everything. As soon as I got all the furniture in place, I realized that there are a few things that we need to address:

1. The loooooooooong hallway without windows. We had it painted white on top and light gray on the bottom, since it could get pretty dark. I have several framed drawings from Exploding Dog, which I can space out down the wall. I still think I am going to need more art to keep things interesting and bright. I love these photo ledges from Ana White, but the hall may be too long to make it work.

2. Storage in the dining room. Our old dining area was tiny, so we only have a small table and 6 chairs, plus a 2 x 8 Expedit shelf from IKEA. I am going to start looking for some kind of cabinet like this one from Decor8, but I doubt I’ll be able to find one in my price change (which is about $0).

3. My office/craft room’s secret identity as a guest room. We need to keep our old futon in the office for when we have guests sleeping over. It’s not the nicest looking piece of furniture, but it is a necessity that I have to live with.

The first (and biggest) challenge that I am going to tackle is probably crazy. I am going to paint the really ugly laminate kitchen cabinets. I did a bunch of googling, and apparently it’s possible. I’m headed to Home Depot tomorrow to pick up the supplies, then I’m going to get to work. Fun!

How is it already July?

I looked at the calendar today and could not believe it was July 1st. This year is going by so fast! The past week has been one of the busiest ever, and we have lots of exciting things in the works.

Anthony officially accepted a new job today, and we are going to be living in my home town (Scranton) in a few weeks. Last weekend, we packed up our house and moved everything into storage. Crazy.

We decided together that we just needed to go for it and start living the life that we want. We’re working on it, and (cross your fingers for us), everything is going well so far.

This month we have a few things on the to-do list:
- Pick colors for our new apartment
- Throw a big “Goodbye Connecticut” party
- Continue summer sewing
- Lots of baking

Must Make Projects (thanks Pinterest!)

I have been spending a TON of time on Pinterest lately. It is an awesome way to keep track of all of the great projects I find online. Here are a few that I am definitely going to try ASAP.

Chocolate Bowls from Sprinkle Bakes.

Button Monogram Picture from Little Adventures.

Inside Out Apple Pies from Tiny Urban Kitchen.

Painted Rug from House of Smiths.

Internet people are so smart!

Summer Sewing

One of my goals this summer is to start making some clothes for myself. I went shopping the other day and couldn’t find anything I like, but I can picture the kind of clothes that I want. Here are some of the great tutorials that I am going to try:

Full Gathered Skirt from blogforbettersewing.com

The Socialite Skirt from Elle Apparel

Fabric Bow Belt from Say Yes to Hoboken

It’s June – yay summer!

Happy June! We seemed to have skipped right over spring in Connecticut, and it has been around 80 all week. June should be awesome – I am making a pink princess cake for my niece’s birthday this weekend, working on some place cards and programs for another wedding on the 10th, and making plans to do some serious sewing (I might attempt a dress for myself for the first time).

I’m also newly obsessed with Pinterest, and I have been spending a ton of time pinning potential projects to my boards here.

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