New Party Invites

My mom is having a big birthday soon, and we’re planning a girls’ weekend at the Jersey Shore with my aunts and cousins. I am sending out these invitations today with some info about the weekend (when to come, what to wear, what to bring).

The red heart-shaped cover was cut on my Silhouette, and I added the belly band to keep everything together.
There is a little bit of text on the inside, under the heart shape when the card is opened up.
The back of the card has all of the info about the weekend.

There are a few other details that I’m working on for the party – it is going to be lots of fun!

Pink Princess Cake – Part 2

So the pink princess cake was partially a success. The birthday girl loved it and had lots of fun helping me put it together.
The only problem was my marshmallow frosting, which got a little flat/watery during my trip. It wasn’t a big deal though, because it was still delicious and we covered it with pink glitter and strawberries.

When it was time to sing, we realized that we didn’t have birthday candles, but a little votive worked just fine and the princess was very happy.

Chocolate Pink Princess Cake – Part 1

My niece is turning 3 and she asked for a chocolate pink princess cake. I am not completely sure what that looks like, so I’m winging it. I decided to make a two-tiered cake, since that seems more special. I also bought some pink edible glitter to decorate it with.

I started with Martha Stewart’s One-Bowl Chocolate Cake recipe, which I love because it makes a huge batch, is super-easy to clean up, and is only slightly more cumbersome than a boxed mix but much more delicious.

I want everything to come out perfect, so I was extra careful about buttering the pans, lining them with parchment, buttering the parchment then dusting with cocoa. Usually I am too lazy to go to the trouble, but it is totally worth the extra step.

While the cakes baked I made some white chocolate mousse for the filling. I used a regular chocolate mousse recipe, so I am not sure if it turned out right. I’m letting it chill overnight, and if it tastes good I will use it between the layers.

The cakes came out perfect and they’re sitting on our kitchen table waiting for the next step – frosting!

4th Birthday Presents

I gave my nephew his birthday gifts yesterday:

It was awesome. I think the best thing about kid’s birthdays are how excited they get about opening presents. So I wrapped 8 of them.

Since it was his 4th birthday, I went to party city and bought 4 of each of a bunch of different things:

It took him about 20 minutes to open all of the gifts and he was so excited.

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