State Love

Anthony lived in Connecticut since he was 5, so our move to Pennsylvania is a big change. He’s already in Scranton and loving it, and I wanted to make him a little present for his new office.

I used my Silhouette to cut out our two states and the &, then used little heart stickers on our home towns. I mounted the pieces with little foam stickers to a printed background pattern, and the framed it in a shadow box.

I love it and will probably make another version for our house, since this one is going in his office. I made another one for my friend who just married a boy from Maryland.

Dream Craft Room

Is it sad that I dream about having a craft room? Anthony and I were talking about what we would do if we won the lottery, and I kept thinking about the killer craft room I would set up.

This one is INSANE – from Better Homes and Gardens.

Another great idea from Better Homes and Gardens – colorful peg board.

Pretty colors from Country Living via Home Stories A2Z.

We already have this bookcase! Halfway there from Anna Sigga.

Why does Better Homes and Gardens have all the best ideas. This one is totally do-able, but I might have too many craft supplies.

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