Olympic Style

We’re watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, and I am realizing that I’m destined to spend the next 17 days weeping. The Olympics contains all of the things that make me cry – pageantry, parades, people accomplishing goals, and national anthems. If you see me in the next 2 weeks, I will probably be in tears or on the verge of.

One of the things I enjoyed the most about the ceremony tonight was the Parade of Nations. Although many of the countries went with boring blue blazers (I’m looking at you USA), some of the countries had stand-out looks that I think I’m going to try to work into my wardrobe.

I loved the bright colored skirts on the ladies from Brazil (of course, it helps to have their nice legs).

Denmark was classy and conservative, and I may be able to re-create their look from clothes already in my closet – I love a nice cardigan!

I LOVED this maxi dress on the women from Guam, and it looks especially awesome with the red lipstick.

I might want to pick up some lime green pants like the Jamaican team, who looked like they were having the most fun.

The team from Nepal had on some absolutely beautiful dresses. I really liked the combo of lighter blue and bright red.

The orange trench coats from the Netherlands were also a favorite, and looked especially fantastic with the giant yellow tulips pinned to their lapels.

The athletes from Paraguay demonstrate the fact that a wrap dress is always a solid idea, and I really enjoy some nice red flats (I may have more than 3 pairs myself).

San Marino wins the prize for best accessories, with bonus points for high heels. The announcers said the athletes would be on their feet for more than 5 hours, so they are either really committed to looking awesome, or absolutely crazy.

And finally, this pretty lady from Turkey makes me wish I was about a foot taller, and makes me want to take all of my clothes to a good tailor.

Chicago Style

In the short time we spent in Chicago, I noticed some trends in what the girls there were wearing. The style seems to be a little more conservative than New York, but I liked how the fashion seemed super-practical (rain gear), while still stylish. Here’s what I noticed:
1. Hunter Boots are HUGE there. Almost every single girl we passed was wearing them, especially on Monday morning commuting to work (while we were on the train to the airport). Mostly everyone was wearing traditional colors like black, gray or green.
2. Skinny jeans and pants were a necessity, mostly because of the boots.
3. Classic Trench Coats look good on everyone. I saw a big range of styles and sizes, and they always made the wearer look more serious and pulled-together.
4. Practical Totes that are not boring were really popular. The colors everywhere were pretty muted and neutral, but most of the totes I saw were colorful.
5. Beats Headphones were all over the place.

My Favorite Color


One of my favorite things about February has always been all the pink that turns up everywhere. It’s also the time of year when spring clothes start to pop up in stores, and I’m definitely planning on adding some pink to my closet in the next few weeks. Here are some of my favorites:

Rock Star Colored Jeggings
- Juicy Couture Super Straw Pailette Clutch
- Kate Spade Juliana Too Flats
- Lilly Pulitzer Critter Earrings
- Draped Snail Tank

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